I Am Not Sure I Like Working at Home

Things have been really interesting for me since the kids got out of school. They are already sick of me and I am not so sure that I really like working from home as much as I thought I did when it was just me alone here. At any rate Nell and I have been switching off, one of us is home every day and we are lucky we can do it this way. Her mother would have been a great help, but she is ill. At any rate they were doing sewer cleaning in Essex county for some time and yesterday they came into our neighborhood. That sort of made it impossible for the kids to do what they have been doing lately, playing street hockey in front of the house next door to us.

There are around a dozen kids on this street, but they come from all over and lately there must be close to fifty of them some days. We have some real worries about the spread of covid 19, but there is a limit to what you can do. It is outdoors and that is safer from what they say, but you have to worry given the new variant and how dangerous it is said to be. I sort of realized how much I missed the street hockey game after a few hours of the boys running wildly around the house, acting as though they were trying to kill each other and then you have them acting as though nothing happened a few minutes later. Tommy is trying to learn the trumpet and right now he is absolutely terrible at it. I sent him down to the basement, but that did not really help the situation a great deal. He was just as loud and just as bad down there.

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