Tree Services Helping out Nature

Every few years in the Fall I like to have my trees pruned and cut back. It’s just something that I always do, it helps the trees grow better and have a healthier look to them. In Asheville, there are plenty of trees to be cut around. Especially at my house, where there are a ton of trees. Finding someone in Asheville tree service is usually not a hard task at all. There are plenty of services around and you can just call on and it would be a great service.

This past fall, I called around and started the usual steps to getting my trees trimmed. Got someone to come right away and was happy to have them over to cut the trees. In one of the trees, there was a nesting area for some squirrels. Instead of just not caring, the tree service called up the local wildlife rescue to remove the nest and the squirrels. When they came, they offered to check other trees to ensure that no animal would be put out of a home during the tree cutting. I agreed to let them look around. Which they did and found a few other places that animals had made a home. They were safely removed and taken to sanctuary close to the rescue.

The fact that a tree service not only cared enough to have animals removed safely but also wanted to ensure that no other animal was in danger or lose their home, it really gave me a sense of comfort about using them as a service. I’ve used them since then and every time they take the proper care to the trees and the animals that might be in them. It’s amazing to me that some people take their jobs so seriously when it comes to nature. I really trust them with every aspect of tree service.

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