My House Got a Makeover

I went to my friend’s house for a weekend visit not long ago. We live too far apart to visit on a regular basis, so we try to do this at least a couple of times a year. The last time I was at her place, she told me she was going to do some renovations. I was not expecting a lot of changes when I got there, so I was really shocked. Even before I left her house, I went on my computer and looked for a vinyl flooring store at because I wanted to redo my floors too after seeing hers.

The last time I was there, she had carpeting in the kitchen and dining room. It was getting pretty worn looking, which is why she wanted to start her renovations. While the carpeting definitely looked clean, it also looked very old and she was just ready for a change. I thought she was going to lay down more carpeting, so I was surprised to see vinyl flooring in both rooms. To say that they looked completely different would be an understatement. She did other changes too, but the flooring was the major one.

When she told me the price she had paid, I knew that I wanted to do the same in my own house. While my carpeting was not extremely old, it was not something I was a huge fan of. It was there when I bought my house, and I knew that I would change the carpeting to a new one at some point. I was not expecting for me to change my mind from carpeting to vinyl flooring nor was I expecting to do it this soon, but the price was right for me to make a move on it as soon as I got home. My house looks a lot better now and I cannot wait for her to see it!

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