I Am in Las Vegas for a Few Months

It is hard to explain exactly what I do really, I am like a flunky for an absurdly wealthy guy. He is middle aged, twice divorced from women who were even wealthier than he is. Strangely they pay him alimony, although I suppose the first one was off the hook after the second marriage. At any rate this guy shows me this bitcoin era app all of the time, because he likes to brag about how smart he was when it bought it the first time back before anyone knew what it was, how he sold it at the peak and then bought it again after the bottom fell out. He loves to tell me that neither of his wives and the United States Internal Revenue Service have any clue about the amount of money he made from this stuff. Of course I know both of them and it seems like at some point he is going to go over the top with me.

At any rate after the second divorce this guy decided that he was going to enjoy himself and he certainly had the money to do it. He started out by build a night club in Las Vegas and he started hiring a lot of beautiful women to run the place and do the public facing jobs there. They do not seem to hate him for being overly aggressive with them, but he is dating at least half a dozen girls who work for him and probably a larger number of other girls who work in casinos and strip clubs. My job seems to be to make sure that they all have good thoughts about him before he comes back into town. Of course not all of them are the same as the others, the one he likes best got a beautiful convertible.

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